EBC Motorcycle Brake Pad Aftermarket Kit

R90 High Friction Extreme Performance

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EBC Extreme Performance Brake Pad SetYesterday I wanted to work on my bike. It didn't need any immediate maintenance, but sometimes a girl just wants to turn a few wrenches. I took a look at my brake pads, and you'd think they were new despite the 5,000 miles since they've been changed. I find myself wishing they would wear down faster because every now and then something makes me stop hard, and I would like to get a little more grab than these stock pads provide.

EBC's Extreme Performance brake pads boast a friction rating of 0.6, beating their main competitor. Riders agree that, when it really matters, these pads will bring you to a halt in a hurry. Just be careful when you switch. If you pull that lever like you did with your old pads, you're going to have a lot more stopping power hugging your rotor than you expect.

A sintered blend will provide excellent grip without damaging your rotor or annoying you with horrible squeaking sounds. EBC is sure to put your mind at ease that these pads won't debond, although I've never heard of that actually happening to anyone. The Extreme Performance pads are R90 approved, which just means they've passed a hurdle designed to weed out substandard parts.

The racetrack is not unfamiliar to EBC's brake pads, and they are rigorously tested on the road and the dyno as well. These are designed to stop today's fastest street machines. Excellent heat cycling and superior materials from the compound to the backplate make these a reliable brake pad with unquestioned stopping power. They may not save you money, but they could save your life.

EBC also makes an aftermarket brake rotor to round out the kit.

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