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EBC Pro-Lite Brake Rotor When you come to a screaming halt, your brake pads are not the only part of your system suffering the degrading effects of friction. Your rotor is also enduring the squeeze and, like any part, these can wear out. We all know, however, that replacing a rotor is about more than maintenance. Stock rotors are usually heavy things, and unnecessarily so. Replacing your rotor for an EBC Pro-Lite will shave some weight off and provide smooth, strong braking.

Pro-Lite rotors are fully floating rotors with a 9-button construction and patented square drive button technology. EBC's square drive system replaces the more common circular drive button system. The rotor blades are high-friction stainless steel, and the center hubs are constructed of lightweight aluminum with your choice of gold or silver anodization.

EBC's Pro-Lite rotors are cheaper than stock. Whenever an aftermarket part is cheaper than stock, it puts some people on edge, especially when it comes to brake systems. Riders say these rotors are just as good if not better than OEM, and they will save you almost $100 depending on where you pick them up.

Unfortunately, EBC is not as generous with their installation information as one might hope. You can purchase an EBC brake installation DVD to supplement your user manual if you are so inclined.

And after watching that DVD, pop in another to watch while you're in the garage.

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