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Racing Brakes Replacement | G1054 Set of 4

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97-03 Suzuki GSXR600 You're coming home at night on your Suzuki GSXR600 (or other racing bike of your preference) and rain starts pounding down in drops the size of kittens. Through the water on your visor, you see the blood-rush red of brake lights ahead of you. A lot of complicated procedures pass through a biker's mind in a moment like this, and it's essential that the bike's equipment can be trusted.

Riding takes trust. You trust your tires, you trust your electrical, and you trust your brakes. Brake pads are going to wear out. The friction that grinds away the pad is what lets you stop. When you replace your brake pads, remember how much trust you put in them.

Galfer USA is devoted to making the parts that make you stop. Their G1054 compound brake pads are the "work horse" of their brake pad line, according to Galfer. When they say this is their "work horse" brake pad, they mean it is versatile and for general use. The semi-metallic, carbon compound pads will serve you well in heat, cold, rain, on the highway, or in the city without damaging your rotor. The G1054 brake pads will hold out against abrupt changes in temperature and provide feedback through feel.

This brake pad is not meant for the long, hard wear of the race track, although Galfer has a compound for that too. Race quality brake pads sound like a good idea, but they have been engineered for only one set of controlled conditions. Out on the street you don't know what's coming next so you want the work horse brake pad, and that is Galfer's G1054.

You might also try the R90 Extreme Performance Brake Kit by EBC.

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