LED Magnetic Flashlight, Hands Free

Risk Racing Light Mine, Flood & Night Vision

Posted by Andy

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LED Magnetic Flashlight, Hands Free It sucks trying to work in the dark. I'm sure bats don't mind doing it, but I don't have echolocation abilities... yet. So, until I master my gene splicing techniques, I think I'll stick to the good old 3-foot-long Maglite. Oh, wait. I forgot that those things are a little cumbersome to hold and try to spin a wrench at the same time. Well, luckily I've stumbled across the Risk Racing Magnetic Light Mine.

Besides being a "hands free" version of a flashlight, this little doohicky will attach to any surface a magnet can. It uses its eleven powerful neodymium magnets found around the center, making it basically stick-able in 360 degrees. It gives off light from its 16 high-output LED bulbs, which are also wide angle giving you more of a variance. As if just being a source of light through the dark wasn't enough, it has a total of four light functions: a low powered spotlight for direct light, a high-output flood light to really brighten the space, a red "night vision" mode, and a blinking red signal mode for any instance when you find yourself on the side of the road. Heck, it even comes with the 3 AAA batteries you need to power it with. I think it's a great idea and can see it getting a lot of use in the shop.

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