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Michelin Pilot Power Tire The tread down the center of my tire is nearly gone, yet I keep taking little trips here and there. I really need to stop doing this. If you are also running on some old tires, you need to stop as well. There are some great options for tires out there that might even be able to tempt you out of your "they'll last one more trip" complacency.

Michelin's Pilot Power tires are great for high performance machines. These tires are formed of a rubber mix designed for racing. If you want to get technical, with a stock sportbike you'll be able to achieve a lean of up to 50.6 degrees or 41.9 degrees on wet roads, according to Michelin. Although, I wouldn't recommend attempting these angles unless you really know what you're doing.

Pilot Power tires were made with high performance sportbikes in mind. W-rated, these tires will take you over the 168 mph mark if you race, or take you around town following the legal speed limits, and they will maintain a strong cornering grip in either condition. With less than 12 percent of the tire covered by the tread pattern, your tires should stick to the street with a friction you can feel.

Michelin claims that these tires will maintain performance "even at advanced stages of wear." Don't be tempted by that siren's song; if your tires are worn, replace them. A new set of tires might cost a pretty penny, but it's not so much that you'll be driven into the poor house.

The Michelin Trials tires are also some of the best you'll find.

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