The Craziest Motorcycle Tattoos

The Craziest Motorcycle Tattoos

Tattooing ones body has been part of tradition and being human for centuries. Obviously there's not enough hard drive space on the entire internet to accurately describe and give tribute to every tattoo stitched into the skin of the individuals who wear their opinions for the rest of us to see.

But here are a few biker tattoos that you may have seen on a guy at the local pub, or perhaps you've gotten yourself, that are ICONIC or EXTREME in the motorcycle world. They all have a common message of immortalizing the love of riding and the "biker" attitude that most of us feel when we get out on the road.

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American Skull
There's pretty much nothing that says "Don't f*** with me" like this tattoo. This image is almost like a character out of a horror movie. The level of detail is exactly where it needs to be, a solid contour line drawing of a burly skull, complete with the most iconic symbol America has, and just a pinch of in your face attitude. Okay, maybe a little more than a pinch.

Biker Gangs Recruit… Black Jewish Samurai Grandmas?

Join These Motorcycle Clubs Today — If Your Bloodlines Are Pure

Biker Gangs Recruit… Black Jewish Samurai Grandmas? | Join These Motorcycle Clubs Today — If Your Bloodlines Are Pure

Want to join a motorcycle gang, but not sure where to look? Afraid that all gangs are violent and exclusive? Looking for a way to leverage your unique qualities into a patch of honor?

Then you've come to the right place. We've tasked ourselves with finding a motorcycle gang (or club) to suit each and every one of our readers.

Are you a proud Jewish biker? We've got you covered. Got a mean streak and hail from the great island nation of New Zealand? You'll find like-minded friends below. Love to do good deeds and can rattle off every entrée at The Olive Garden? We've found you a home.

Browse each group and find the one that best suits you. Direct links to each club are provided so you can start working on your application ASAP.

Stunt Riding Babes of the Past & Present

Stunt Riding Babes of the Past & Present

Dare-devil stunt riders, resplendent in leather body suits sporting the logo's of their sponsors, doing amazing and jaw-dropping feats on sport bikes or big gleaming cruisers, have always been associated with a dangerous sort of sexy.

Typically in these scenarios, the gorgeous women are on the sidelines, holding a fight card or waving a checkered flag, or maybe pouring Gatorade over the head of whichever guy performed the fastest/coolest/most breathtaking stunt.

But that's not always been the case. We've spotlighted ten of the best women stunt riders throughout the ages. Every one of them was stunning and broke stereotypes of more than one kind.

Rocket Cycles – Past, Present and Future

Rocket Cycles – Past, Present and Future

From crazy Germans of the 1930's to record-breaking speed-demons of today, motorcyclists have always had a fascination with rocket-powering their engines.

And who can blame them? Feeling the rush of the extreme acceleration while seeing the smoke and flames burst from the tailpipe ...

Rocket Cycles of Today

Diehard Rocketeers and Jet Engines Gone Mainstream

Rocket Cycles of Today | Diehard Rocketeers and Jet Engines Gone Mainstream

These days, rocket cycle enthusiasts have broadened their horizons to experiment with many different types of jet engines. Relatively speaking, today's jet-powered bikes are safer, more affordable, more fuel-efficient and generate less heat than yesterday's rocket engines.

Yeah, I know that's not saying much since those rockets were dangerous, expensive, gas-guzzling firebombs. Don't worry, we'll show off updated models of those as well.

Rocket Cycles of The Past

From Crazy Germans To Evel Knievel

Rocket Cycles of The Past | From Crazy Germans To Evel Knievel

You had to be a little bit nuts to strap a rocket to your bike back in the 1920's. Or 1970's. Or even today, come to think of it. But, behind every crazy idea is a man just bold enough to reach for glory. Either that or a rich kid with too much time on his hands and a buddy ...

Rocket Cycles of Tomorrow

Hollywood Visionaries Show Us the Way

Rocket Cycles of Tomorrow | Hollywood Visionaries Show Us the Way

Predicting the future is a tricky thing. I myself have correctly predicted three stock market crashes, the rise and fall of two major civilizations, as well as the winners of 38 of the 44 Super Bowls. Alas, when it comes to predicting the future of Rocket Motorcycles, I defer to the professionals.

And who is more qualified to predict the future of technology than Hollywood movie producers? I can think of no-one. If they can dream it, surely it's just a matter of time before the engineers can build it.

So, without further ado, let's see what the LA-LA Land Dreamers have to say about how our Rocket Cycle Future will progress.

Let the Baboon Drive, Dammit!

Let the Baboon Drive, Dammit!

The World's First Comprehensive Guideto Commuting on a Motorcycle With a Pet
Commuting with your pet on a motorcycle? That just might be the holy grail for any serious biker. And yet most novice riders have no idea how to achieve this lofty goal.

Worry no longer. Here at SpotMotorcycles, we've put together the definitive guide to transporting your animal on your motorbike.

We've scoured the interwebs for pictorial examples of experienced riders doing things the right way... and the wrong. When we were unable to find evidence of proper technique, we commissioned an award-winning artist to provide the sketches we needed.

The guide is divided into one section per animal. Click on any sketch to see a larger version.

He'll Eat You Only If He Has To

Fig. 1: Does This Bear Look Happy to You?
Bears and motorcycles make an excellent pairing. Providing you don't let them drive, of course
Bear of Very Little Brain
That bears can drive motorcycles is a well-known fact. See the picture at right for just one such example.

What's not so well-known is that bears have very little interest in the rules of the road. Bears have been known to speed in school zones, to change lanes without signaling, and to honk in front of hospitals.

Do not be lulled in to the false sense of security a bear can provide when he first hops in the saddle. You're better off designating yourself the driver.

Fig. 2: A Hungry Bear is a Scary Bear
Omnivorous Bears Only
The only downside to transporting a bear on the back of your bike is that he may get hungry. A hungry bear will reach out for most convenient tasty morsel he can find which, in this case, is likely to be you.

This problem is easily solved, though. Simply give the bear a sticky, gooey snack that will take him some time to work through. A big pot of honey is a good choice, as is a tub of peanut butter or lard. You should refill his snack periodically, of course, lest he get to the bottom of it and start looking around for dessert.

Hot on a Hog: The 25 Hottest Harley-Riding Celebrity Women

Hot on a Hog: The 25 Hottest Harley-Riding Celebrity Women

For over fifty years, Hollywood hotties have mounted their Harleys for fun and sport.We showcase the best of them.

Here at SpotMotorcycles, we like to keep an eye on what celebrity bikers are up to. And, since keeping an eye on celebrities can ...

Save Money Commuting by Motorcycle? Not So Fast!

Save Money Commuting by Motorcycle? Not So Fast!

With gas prices seemingly permanently inflated and "economic malaise" looking more and more like our new reality, who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to save some dough while blasting through traffic on a two-wheeled adrenaline rush?

That's the pitch of many a motorcycle salesperson, but let's analyze it closely before getting our hands on the throttle.

Can a car ...

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