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Mounted HD Video Camera by GoProGoPro has added high definition capability to its Hero action video camera lineup. I have been using the company's previous model for over a year now. I have to say it has added new level of enjoyment to my motorcycling repertoire. The use of a motorcycle or helmet-mounted camera allows you to relive particularly beautiful or curvy sections of blacktop on your computer or TV.

The new Hero HD version gives the rider access to even more possibilities than before. In addition to the HD feature, the new camera adds slow-motion, which will surely prove addictive. The new model also comes with a rechargeable battery (older versions didn't) which can be recharged using your computer's USB port. As with prior versions, the Hero comes with a myriad of mounting possibilities.

I have used my earlier generation Hero camera in both the repeated still mode and the full video mode. Both modes capture a great wide-angle view. My only major complaint with the camera is that the mode selection process (especially because of the small display) can be a bit confusing. Also, you will need to buy an SD card for the camera, but they have become very inexpensive lately.

I admit to being a bit of a "gadget guy", but I think most riders will enjoy the added fun of the GoPro Motorsports Hero HD Camera. It is a well-made and versatile unit.

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