D2Moto Aftermarket Tail Light

Smoke LED w/ Signal

Posted by Ila

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D2Moto Smoke LED Tail Light w/ Signal There is no end to the selection of aftermarket LED lights. The look and style of LED clusters has evolved to mimic the look of stock lights. The smoke-lens LED tail light by D2Moto has some deceptive secrets. In appearance it is no different than an average tail light, but it also functions as a turn signal.

Most aftermarket combination lights are wide and bulky, but the D2Moto light is about the same size as the stock tail light. Using the small, independent diode nature of the LED clusters, D2Moto figured there was no reason to make the housing bigger just to have the right or left groups flash independently.

I'm a fan of the smoke lenses with LED lights. The lens conceals the bulbs, so it looks like another architectural feature of the bike and not a bunch of diodes. At the same time, the power of the LED overcomes any visibility barrier imposed by the lens.

This is an inexpensive, quick install and an excellent way to clean up the back end of your bike. If you've been waiting for the LED systems to prove their worth, or just for the housings to progress so your aftermarket part doesn't stand out like a sore thumb, the wait is over.

Here's a tail light you might like that's clear instead of smoke.

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