Motorcycle LED Red Light Kit by LedGlow

Wireless Remote w/ Strobe & Fade Effects, Flexible 10 Piece

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Motorcycle LED Red Light Kit by LedGlow What's the most prominent thing you notice on a motorcycle at night? Well, I'll tell you what I notice first: the lights. Most motorcycles just have a headlight and a tail light. Sure, that's enough to be legal -- but as long as you're not breaking the law, wouldn't it be nice to be seen by everyone as to avoid the opportunity of being squished like a bug by a tall semi truck? The more lights the merrier, I say, and that's where this 10-piece Red LED Flexible Motorcycle Light Kit comes in handy.

Made by LedGlow, there are a total of 192 LED bulbs on 10 light strips. Each kit includes: two 5" (12 bulbs) LED strips, four 6" (15 bulbs) LED strips, two 9" (24 bulbs) LED strips, and two 12" (30 bulb) LED strips. The LEDs are ultra-bright wide angle ones, so people don't have to be looking directly at the bulb to see the light being emitted. Each kit comes with a wireless remote, which is used to control the various lighting effects (strobe and fade) as well as four different brightness settings.

The kit includes 3M tape and zip ties, so mounting is no problem. Don't worry about running out of wire, either -- each strip comes with 5 feet. LedGlow features a one-year warranty and free technical support too, so even if you're not the cat's meow as far as do-it-yourselfers are concerned, you're still bound to get these lights working. State laws vary, so check first to make sure you're not going to get in trouble for being too easily seen.

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