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Driving Light Aftermarket Kit

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PIAA Motorcycle Driving Light Kit One of the best things about aftermarket bolt-on accessories is their versatility. Sure, there might be a recommended attachment location, but you could also pick up a few parts at the hardware store and make your own mounting points all over the bike. My significant other recently made turn signal strips. When he wants to turn, rows of three LED signals bolted onto sheet metal start flashing.

The PIAA lamp fits into this category of flexibility. When you buy these lights, you receive two lamps, a wiring harness, a relay, and a switch. Where you decide to put them is completely up to you.

Having a set of lamps on the front will help visibility both ways. A couple of super-white driving lights on the forks are never a bad idea. These succeed where LEDs have been failing: LEDs are great for being seen, but not so great for seeing. They don't cast their beam the way these old-fashioned bulbs do. Since these are not LEDs, you will have a greater power draw, but PIAA states that these dichroic lights turn a 55 W into 85 W of shining power.

The silver PPS housing and chrome-plated aluminum trim put these head and shoulders above the plastic-cased lights. They look great, they shine bright, and they come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

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