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Kisan Technologies VL-10

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VectraLight LED Turn Signal Kit VL-10 VectraLight VL-10 LED turn signals by Kisan Technologies take advantage of wasted space. Although our bikes are compact, efficient machines, there is still room for improvement. These turn signals adhere to your mirrors, which are already sticking out, and make your old turn signals redundant, vestigial appendages.

These 5-LED mirror-mounting strips have red lights facing the rear, and amber lights facing the front. Not only do these give you a set of super-bright LED turn signals, but they add to your rear visibility with extra running and brake lights. Unlike traditional signals, the VectraLights are sequential flashers, which will catch the eyes of passing motorists better than a single bulb going on and off.

You'll be able to remove your old turn signals, or just add to them, with the VL-10. Each 5-light strip is flexible and will form to the curve of your mirror. Mounted with durable two-sided tape, the VL-10 units are waterproof and programmable for function, intensity, and time-out.

As Kisan points out, the mirrors are the widest point of a motorcycle. Make use of the otherwise barren housings of your mirrors and make yourself more conspicuous for under $100.

Find these VectraLight LED Turn Signals:

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