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Traffic Red Light Changer Trip SensorRiding a motorcycle does a few things to you. It gives you a different perspective on your surroundings, especially if it's down a road you normally drive down in your car. You might notice little stores you haven't seen before, or even a babbling brook just down the road from your favorite watering hole.

The other thing you'll notice is that traffic lights with trip sensors won't see you, and if you're one to not run red lights, you'll have to stay put until a bigger car gets up behind you to trip the light. I've sat at lights before and waved at the car behind me only to have the driver give me a puzzled look. Typically, I'm used to being crowded at lights by cars; of course, the few times I need them, they back off.

The guys at Traffic Light Changer developed this little gadget that takes care of that pesky problem that gets all motorcyclists. It's basically a high-powered magnet that attaches to the bottom of your motorcycle or scooter, and tricks the traffic light sensors into thinking you're a big vehicle. It installs in seconds and won't look ugly or unsightly on the bottom of your bike. Chances are you'll forget it's even there. The Traffic Light Changer claims it will work on about 80% of the traffic lights in the USA and is legal in all 50 states.

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