Galfer Front Brake Pads Set 1375

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Galfer Front Brake Pads Set 1375 Galfer Brakes, of Spain, has been in business since 1947. They build friction devices primarily for bicycles, motorcycles, and quads, and are currently expanding production into automobiles as well. Additionally, they manufacture stainless steel brake lines and nicely machined wave rotors. Known for thoughtful innovation and a quality product, they'll likely be around for as long as land-based vehicles use friction for stopping.

This is a brake pad for street bikes, and was designed to hold up under hard and repetitive braking. It's not their top-of-the-line pad suitable for superbike racing, but a leaner version which does not have the ceramic coating on the back plate. The brake-pad compound is the same as on the more expensive version, and Galfer claims it will still take the punishment of a long twisty road on a hot day.

These pads are intended to withstand more braking (heat) cycles with less fade and more consistent braking; meaning, hopefully, that you won't ever lose the feeling that you're in control, even during extreme riding. And because there is less metal in these than OEM pads, they're much easier on your bike's rotors.

These aren't cheap, but they should last quite a while and perform very well. They're available for most super-sport and superbike front calipers from 600 to 1000 cc.

Does your rotor need a tune-up as well?

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