EBC Standard Clutch Kit

OEM Replacement Disc Alloy w/ Springs

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EBC Standard Clutch KitEBC makes brake discs, shoes, and pads for vehicles of every description. So it's a logical next step for them to produce motorcycle clutch kits as clutches also use friction; although in this case the friction is used to engage power to a wheel as opposed to stopping a wheel. Often, brakes and clutches use the same materials, depending upon the application.

Their standard clutch kits are meant to replace your OEM clutch discs. EBC's clutch discs are forged with a wider ear to spread the load and help prevent damage to the clutch basket. You get a full set of alloy-impregnated, cork-lined, stack-matched clutch discs as well as a new set of springs -- it's highly advisable to replace the springs whenever replacing the clutch. If the clutch is worn out, the springs are typically weakened, as well.

Environmentally sensitive, the company does not use materials that emit toxic gases such as Xylene and Toluene (found in some brake manufacturing). They have in fact been completely free of toxic ingredients for many years, and continue to work with the University of Exeter toward developing and using more organically-oriented materials.

EBC takes great pride in their workmanship, and carries a thorough selection of clutch kits for most street and off-road bikes.

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