Barnett Performance Clutch Kit

06-07 Suzuki GSXR600

Posted by Ila

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Barnett Performance Clutch Kit It's an unmistakable feeling when your clutch plates start to wear out. First you make the adjustments so your clutch will engage at the right spot, but eventually, even when you've let all the way off the lever, you're not getting the power you ought to be. Clutch plates don't wear out as fast as brake pads, but they do wear, especially if you tend to ride the clutch -- and you should cut that out if you do.

Some riders have a penchant for replacing OEM parts for better performance, and the clutch plates are an easy part to replace. Better plates can have a dramatic impact on your performance. The clutch is one of the most interactive components of your bike, so you ought to get it adjusted to how you want to ride, and the Barnett performance clutch kit will give you more grab.

If you're looking for faster shifting and more friction, or if your plates are just shot, this clutch kit provides the best friction material, and the tempered steel plates are carefully checked for flatness, according to Barnett. Barnett's clutch kits are made to hold up under the natural conditions of heat and vibration that come with their job. You will receive Kevlar friction plates, steel plates, and pre-set springs.

If you're used to a spongy clutch, you'll be amazed at the additional power and the short transitions you'll have with new plates, but slow up on the lever or you will find it to be herky-jerky.

Need an updated tool kit while you're at it?

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  1. MSR Skid Plate | Off Road MX Bike Frame Cover Says:

    [...] And for clutch repair, check out this Barnett Performance Clutch Kit. [...]

  2. matt Says:

    hi i have just bought a fitted complete barnett clutch kit for my 2001 streetfighter 600 suz bandit very pleased as got complete kit heavy duty springs kevlar plates and steels could you let me know if any chance for some stickers ,

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