DP Clutch Kit

Performance Friction Plate w/ Springs

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DP Clutch Kit If you happen to notice your clutch in any way, this typically means there's a problem. Difficulties getting the bike into or out of gear, a clutch that won't release well (a.k.a. a sticky or dragging clutch), or your engine revving up and the bike not picking up speed are the most obvious indicators. If you've adjusted it to the point you're out of adjusting room, it's time for some new friction plates.

DP clutch kits are designed for high-performance applications, but will work just as well for stock, non-racing motorcycles. These tend to perform better than OEM plates in fact, often making shifting smoother and holding up well under high-heat, high-use conditions. DP's kits all come with new springs, too; a nice bonus and a good idea to replace the springs, anyway.

For all the benefits of installing a DP clutch, the one drawback to doing it yourself is the fairly weak instructions included. The kit contains plates of a different thickness, and yes, these need to placed in a specific order starting with a specific type plate. You can consult a shop manual and call a local shop for (possible) help, or pay to have the kit installed. DP needs to work on this, as clutches aren't difficult or too time-consuming to replace, but it's certainly no good if the instructions aren't clear and comprehensive.

DP is based in Britain and is a subsidiary of Dunlop Aviation. They devote 100% of their manufacturing to sintered metal pads used for brakes and clutches. They are not in any related to the Dunlop of tire fame.

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