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Off Road MX Bike Frame Cover

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MSR Skid Plate Aside from the tires, the most vulnerable part of an off-road motorcycle is the section right below the engine and transmission. Knowing this, most manufacturers include minimal skid plates on new machines. But stock skid plates don't cover much and are often at least partially made of plastic. That's fine if you stick to a motocross track or the dunes, but they're not much protection anywhere else. For enduro or trail riding, you want some beefiness, and you want enough coverage to help protect those exposed lower radiator hoses and whatever else is hanging out down there. Think of it as "a bumper for your thumper," if you like -- or try to forget that now that I've said it...

MSR is generally known for quality gear and aftermarket parts for off-road riding. Their version of the enduro-style skid plate is similar to their competitor's models: thick aircraft-quality aluminum, a cut-out for the oil drain plug, all the requisite bumps and bulges to get around the shape of your frame and lower cases, and either drilled bolt holes or frame-clamps for mounting. The main plate is brake-press formed, while the "wings" (or side pieces) are TIG-welded in place. These are strong enough to grind over rocks and logs without much damage. They'll scratch up a little, but bending or denting these things usually requires some extraordinary punishment -- this being the point of installing one in the first place.

This MSR Skid Plate is available for many models of Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and KTM off-road bikes.

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