Arai Replacement Face Shields

Dark Smoke, Fits Corsair V & RX-Q Helmet

Posted by Andy

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Arai Replacement Face Shields Do you wear glasses? Do you remember how it was or when it was that you figured out that you needed glasses? My situation was a little unique. I realized that I needed glasses after jumping my ex's car over a median in the road whilst trying to make a left hand turn. After going to the doctor and getting glasses (which didn't happen until I could pay to repair the damage to her car), I started seeing things as if they were brand new. Suddenly traffic signs became visible, and movies in the theater were in focus for a change.

Buying a new visor for your helmet is kinda like that. Go ahead and look at your visor -- don't look through it, but at it. See all those scuffs and scratches? See the "fogged" effect that happens from the elements constantly pounding on it? These blemishes not only cloud your vision, but they can also also ruin the experience of a beautiful day. For you Arai helmet owners, the Replacement Shields for Corsair V & RX-Q Helmets come in a wide array of tints and colors, so you can have a clear, sun-glareless day. These shields are designed to be changed out quickly and easily without the use of tools, so you can keep a tinted one in your bag and swap it out for those bursts of sunshine. Don't know which helmet that is? Take a look here.

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