Arai Corsair V Five AirWing Motorcycle Helmet

Full Face Vented Adjustable

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Arai Full Face Motorcycle Helmet,If you are looking for a cheap helmet, stop reading now. The Arai Corsair V is the most expensive helmet I've reviewed for SpotMotorcycles. However, if you are looking for an ultra-premium helmet that involves no performance or quality compromises, read on.

Let's first look at aerodynamics. The Corsair V utilizes Arai's exclusive new adjustable AirWing, which is designed to greatly reduce drag, turbulence, and buffeting at high speeds. Based on the comments of riders who have worn the helmet for extended hours, this feature works. I tend to believe these riders. After all, a rider who has forked out $800-900 on a helmet is probably discriminating and critical.

Venting is another strong point for the Corsair V. The helmet boasts an additional intake vent that assists in air-flow efficiency. It also has a larger eye-port which requires a special Series "I" face shield, which also is said to help with both aerodynamics and a quieter ride.

It would be naive to think this is the helmet for every street rider. I am an avid rider and would like to keep my head as protected as possible. I doubt that I will ever spend this kind of money on a helmet. My usual price point is about half of what this helmet goes for (and I've owned several Arais). That being said, if money is no object, why not buy the very best? The Arai Corsair V is certainly in the conversation as one of the very top few helmets available.

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