Arai Full Face Trek XD-3

Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

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Arai Full Face Trek XD-3 As an avid dual sport rider, I have always felt the choice of helmet for this kind of riding is a bit of a conundrum. Should I wear a full-on dirt helmet and goggles? Sometimes this is the perfect set up -- especially in slower, dustier off-road conditions. But what about on more street-oriented rides, when the goggle and full visor setup is less than ideal? Should I wear my street helmet for aerodynamics and comfort? Well, sometimes, but when I do get off the pavement, the street helmet is less than ideal.

Since dual sport riding is a sweet compromise, shouldn't the helmet be, too? Well, yes it should. That's where the Arai XD-3 Trek helmet comes in. First off, it's an Arai, which inspires the highest level of confidence in its inherent safety. It's built to Arai's uncompromising quality standards.

So where is the compromise? Just look at the picture. At first glance, this is a typical dirt helmet. However, a closer inspection reveals the street-oriented shield hiding under the visor. The shield has a unique pivot that allows it to be opened under that peak without protruding.

If you are into both the street and dirt aspects of dual sport riding, or are a serious adventure tourer, this may be the perfect helmet. Its functionality is a compromise, not its quality.

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