IRC Street Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

Front or Rear GP 110, GP110

Posted by Tim

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IRC Street Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire I have found that I can't be satisfied with just one motorcycle. I need to have a pure street bike and a dirt-oriented dual sport. However, there have been times that I have had just a dual sport, so I understand the range of duties placed on a dual sport that is truly used for all types of riding. If you rely on one motorcycle for all of your street and dirt riding, you know what I am talking about.

I have used the IRC GP110 dual sport tire, and it is a good compromise. But you must realize that it is geared toward the street end of the spectrum. What I have found with this tire is that is fantastic on the street, good on hard-packed dirt roads, and mediocre (at best) for serious dirt duty. What this means is that it is just about perfect for 90 percent of the dual-sports on American roads. Most dual-sporters spend 80-90 percent of the time on the street. If you fit into the demographic, you will love the IRC GP110. If you expect this tire to pull you through deep sand or serious mud, you are expecting too much -- that takes a full knobby. Conversely, that full knobby will wallow and squirm on the pavement.

Take a serious look at what you do with your motorcycle. If you are a street-oriented dual-sport rider, take a serious look at the IRC GP110.

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