Arai Snell Motorcycle Helmet, Decal Graphic Optional

Full Face Vented w/ Liner Quantum 2

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Arai Quantum 2 Motorcycle Helmet I have always felt that there are two areas where a motorcyclist simply cannot cut financial corners. One is tires, and the other is helmets. My experience with helmets is relatively extensive. I buy a new helmet every three years. However, I always seem to go back to the same three brands:  Shoei, Suomy, and Arai.

Arai has the unique distinction of offering helmet shells in shapes to fit various heads. In the Arai line, the Quantum shape seems to fit my head best. As we all know, helmet fit is critical to its ability to protect your grey matter.

The Arai Quantum 2 offers features you'd expect in a premium (and pricey) helmet. It has a removable liner, effective ventilation, and the newest Snell approval. Like all other Arais, it has impeccable build quality. In fact, every Arai is hand molded. The new Quantum 2 has a redesigned shape for improved aerodynamics, and also closer tolerances between the shield and shell for a quieter ride.

As much as I like and trust Arai helmets, there is still an element that I question. The Quantum 2 incorporates the funky Arai shield removal and installation procedure. Yes, I know how to do it. However, it still seems awkward and unnecessarily difficult to master. I much prefer Shoei's shield functionality.

In the end, you can't go wrong with an Arai. If you get the fit right, your head is in the best shell available. The Quantum 2 is simply a great helmet, and like I said, this is not an area to scrimp!

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