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Dunlop Dual Sport D606 Tires, Front &Dual sport riders probably encompass the widest range of interests in the motorcycling world. You have dual sport riders who spend all of their time on the road, and you have dual sport riders who only use the road to get to the trail. Riders who fall into the latter category will be interested in the Dunlop D606 Tires.

Percentages are big in the dual sport world. There are riders who are 50/50% -- balanced on and off-road. I consider myself a 90/10% -- the 90% is off-road. The D606s are designed for the dirt with capability and DOT certification for the street. These Dunlops are real knobby with only the slightest concessions for tarmac duty. I have sampled the D606s, and for my style of dual sport riding, these tires hit the spot. Most serious, dirt-oriented riders agree with me.

Here is my suggestion - if you are dual sport rider, take a serious self-assessment of the percentage of time you spend in the dusty stuff, and buy tires based on what you calculate. In reality, most riders are too street-oriented to buy these tires. They wallow and wear rapidly when used mostly on the road. However, they are the bee's knees in the dirt.

If you are looking for a more street-oriented dual sport tire, take a look at the IRC GP110 tires.

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