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Shark RSI Helmet Face Shield Blue If you're looking for a replacement visor or a daytime visor for your Shark RSI helmet, then I don't need to tell you how smart you are for buying an RSI. You already know how well-designed, comfortable, and robust the Shark helmets are, but there's no sense in having a top-of-the-line helmet with a scratched-up visor. Just because your helmet is going to protect your brain in a crash, that doesn't mean you want to invite one because you can't see.

This Shark face shield has a mirrored blue tint to reduce the glare of the sun. Sunglasses don't help as much as you would suspect when you're driving north or south at sunset. You just end up riding blind on one side. A daytime shield will save you neck pain from having to ride with your head twisted, looking sideways down the road to keep your glasses angled at the sun.

I've never dropped my helmet, but somehow the visor always seems to get scratched. There must be some very sharp bugs out in the world. This shield is treated to provide scratch and fog resistance. Replacement visors are readily accessible and, considering the quality of the visor and the helmet, the cost is not surprisingly high.

Remember that the blue tinted visor is not intended for night use. Clear visors are also available and, if you want the tint, you can select from light smoke, dark smoke, chrome mirror, or the blue mirror.

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