Arai Motorcycle Street Helmet RX-Q

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Arai Motorcycle Street Helmet RX-Q I recently reviewed the Arai Corsair V for SpotMotorcycles. As one would expect, I gave it high marks. Here is a helmet that I am even more excited about: the Arai RX-Q. Arai describes it as a "Corsair V for the street".

Simply put, Arai has designed this helmet from the ground up to be a premium helmet for the ultra-serious street rider. What that means is that you get the legendary quality of a top-of-the-line Arai, but with careful attention to real world stability, comfort, and noise control. Helmets designed primarily for racing don't necessarily shine in the "ride all day in comfort" realm. They're not designed for that; the Arai RX-Q is.

The RX-Q is shaped in an evolution of the "intermediate oval" that seems to be Arai's most universally fitting shell shape. Arai has also made serious advancements in the interior of this helmet, most notably the cheek pads, which improve comfort and reduce noise. The shell shape of this helmet has been developed to reduce drag and lift, thus reducing fatigue.

In the ventilation area, this helmet proves that less can truly be more. The exterior vent system looks relatively subtle. However, the design actually moves more air than more obtrusive designs while contributing to the helmet's quieter interior.

All the quality of the Corsair V, with features that make it more rider-friendly in the real world? Sounds like a winner to me.

Compare this with the AGV Stealth Razor full face helmet.

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