Thor Quadrant Helmet

Motocross MX Polycarbonate Vented

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Thor Quadrant Helmet Helmet branding is important. My natural inclination is to reject branding due to its relevance to status, which is a bunch of bull in my opinion. Branding, however, has function beyond that superficial stuff. It's a way to know that you're getting a good product without having to conduct crash tests in your garage, or worse, find out that it's not up to snuff when you need it most.

Thor helmets do have a price right up there with the front-runners, but they also deliver quality. The Quadrant motocross helmet is constructed of a lightweight polycarbonate shell. Do not let the weight fool you; this helmet is strong enough to have earned DOT and Snell approval.

The integrated mouthguard and venting system are designed to give you lots of airflow and carry the heat away from your head. Getting hot in the helmet can lead to disorientation and dehydration as well as discomfort. I've always been a little shocked and disgusted at how much you can sweat from the head.

Speaking of all that salty sweat, the liner is removable and washable so you won't have to live with the remnants of past rides. Of course, there is a molded goggle grabber to keep your eye protection, and therefor your eyes, in the right place.

Because Thor has made a name for themselves, some of what you're buying is that name. There's really no way around it; success means you get to charge more. That success is derived of quality, so you won't have to wonder if your helmet will do its job. On an up note about the price, with the 2010 models on their way, you might be able to find a sale. Good luck.

Compare this with the Arai VX Pro3 motocross helmet.

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