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Youth Motocross Helmet

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Fox V-1 Youth Motocross Helmet Preventing Junior from breaking his head doesn't necessarily mean you have to break the bank too. The Fox V1 Youth Motocross helmet is an entry-level dome protector with a lot of big boy and big price tag features.

Fox is without a doubt at the top of the motocross gear industry and has a long history of quality products worn and tested by top pros every weekend. Fox is always pushing the design envelope and style definitely isn't a problem here. The graphics on the injection-molded polycarbonate V1 are just as sharp as the ones on the adult line.

Don't let the term entry-level fool you into thinking this is a sub-par lid either. The youth V1 has the same overall design as the adult V1, just in a smaller package. That means it meets all the same safety standards and pretty much has all the same features as Dad's helmet. Those features include vent channels in the shell that keep Junior's head nice and cool in the summer heat as well as keep his hair nice and dry. There's also an integrated roost guard that shields your little one from flying rocks and helps ensure they don't lose those baby teeth before the tooth fairy gets a crack at them.

Even with all the bells and whistles, helmet choice ultimately comes down to safety, fit, and comfort. Just remember to make sure your little racer's head fits in the helmet nice and snug, and that he or she is comfortable when wearing it. All in all, it's a nice helmet from a nice company at a nice price.

Here's another flashier youth helmet to consider from THH.

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