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Youth 200 Series PW 50

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MC Enterprises Training Wheels The first time I came across these training wheels from MC Enterprises, I thought, "I just don't get it." I could not understand the plight of those who are just learning to ride enough to justify such a device. Then I realized why these would be of use.

I learned to ride as an adult. I earned my lumps. Normally I would say this is a good thing for anyone, but then I imagine teaching my little niece to ride. I'd hate to see her go over and get scraped up her first time on the thing.

Teaching a kid to ride a motorcycle is often more taxing on the parents than the kid. Kids are rubbery; they bounce right back. But parents are fragile. They're putting the sum and whole of their life's success on a mechanized hunk of metal. I won't blame them for being overly cautious.

If you want to teach your kid to ride, it doesn't hurt to start them off slow so they feel safe and get the basics. Your kid's enjoyment and well-being are worth more than $150. Consider it an investment in what will become a lifetime of joyful riding.

Once the kid has their wheels under them, it's best to let them learn like everyone else. These training wheels aren't meant for long term use anyway. If you're an adult, just put your feet down and grow a spine -- you don't need these. There are some sweet trikes out there for those adults who even glance at these twice.

Here's a mini bike to consider when they've outgrown their training wheels.

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