Harley-Davidson Dual Control Thermostat, Adjustable

Heated Thermal Motorcycle Gear Wiring

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Every rider knows that in the right circumstances, heated gear is the bomb.  There are various types of heated gear options including coat, gloves, pants, and socks.  There are even heated sleeves you can attach to your handlebar grips so that if you don't want to wear bulky heated gloves, you can still keep your hands warm.
But what often surprises riders who are new to heated gear is the fact that what warms your torso or your feet may be too much for your hands, or vice versa. And next thing you know, 90% of you is toasty warm and comfortable and 10% of you is a sweating slippery mess that you can't live with.
Harley, in their infinite wisdom and marketing acumen, have developed a dual-control thermostat that enables you to control the heat independently on two different heated gear products.  It's even a nice-looking gadget, brushed black plastic with the little silver Harley logo on it.  You just plug in the main thermostat and then plug 2 of your favorite headed products into separate attachments.  Depending on how often you ride and what kind of weather you encounter, it could very well be worth it.
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