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Thermologic Heated Waterproof Gloves It is a little-known fact, among those who don't keep or ride horses or cattle, that roping gloves are for the right hand only. Roping gloves are all right-hand gloves. So should you ever find yourself riding through northern California during an unseasonably cold June and discover that you are in a small cow-town with one cafe and a feed & seed store, you've lost one of your gloves, and it's snowing, you might consider buying roping gloves in order to protect your hands. And that's when you learn that roping gloves only come for your right hand. Good times.

That whole time, you could have had these Thermologic Heated Gloves! Battery-powered control units are hidden in small exterior pockets in the palms and fingers of the gloves. Patented Ink-Logix technology uses a special silver carbon-based "ink" encased in polyurethane to conduct heat to your hands and fingers. The gloves use rechargeable lithium batteries. They are machine washable for longer life, but be sure to the remove the control unit before washing. They provide enough power to keep your hands at a comfortable 85 degrees for 4 hrs. You can set the temperature higher, but then the life of the battery reduces, and you don't want sweaty fingers. The gloves come with the lithium battery charger included. The charger takes about 3 hours to fully charge. They come in black. They are made of micro-fiber and are, of course, waterproof. They cost $99.

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