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Black Carbon Fiber Synergy

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Tour Master Synergy Heated Gloves Where I live, riding year-round is out of the question due to iced-over roads, but there are other lands where the bold-blooded can ride all year. Sounds like a mythological fantasy land to me up in the northlands, but it's very likely you live in such a place.

If the frigid temperatures are the only thing keeping you off the road, you have resources you haven't tapped. Tour Master's Synergy gloves are a special treat since your hands are thrust out there, away from the heat of your body, taking the brunt of the weather.

Synergy gloves are heated using your bike's electrical system. They wire in through the sleeves of your jacket at the heat is delivered with a series of carbon fiber elements. They're safe in all weather conditions, even the kind of rainstorm that leads you to brag about your riding stamina. The heating system won't result in hot spots and lets the gloves stay flexible and light. Because Tour Master expects you'll be using these in ugly conditions, there is a wiper blade on the left thumb.

Enough heat will be generated to keep your fingers from getting cold, but not so much that your hands will sweat buckets, unless you're abnormally sweaty. If you are using some of Tour Master's other Synergy apparel, like their pants or vests, you'll be able to hook these gloves right into the rest of your gear. These are highly recommended gloves when it comes to heated apparel, and you'll get to feel like a cyborg using the control panel on the wrist.

In my opinion, these are a little bulkier than they need to be. When they're new you'll notice a stiffness in the fingers, but that will go away as they break in. Well worth the cost, as these might just help you stay on the road 365 days a year.

You can make these gloves even more compatible (and comfortable) with an electronic control system like this one from Firstgear.

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