Firstgear Heated Electric Gloves & Vest Control

Adjustable Dual Heat-Troller

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Firstgear Heated Electric Gloves & VestHeated gear makes motorcycling much more comfortable. More importantly to avid riders, such gear lengthens the riding season. The problem can be getting the heat just right, especially if more than one heated garment is being used. We have climate control in our cars -- why not on our motorcycles?

The Firstgear Dual Portable Heated Apparel Controller "Heat-Troller" is a nice solution to the heat adjustment issues with your cold-weather garments. With this item, you can connect your heated vest and gloves at the same time. In fact, you can have the versatility to use any two heated items you may prefer: socks, pants, full suit -- you name it. The great feature is that you can control the heat on these clothing items separately. If your hands are cold but not your torso, you can do something about the situation.

The rotary temperature controls that are included on the Heat-Troller are adjustable with a gloved hand. This makes getting the right balance of heat a more realistic proposition, even while underway.

The Firstgear Dual Portable Heated Apparel Heat-Troller includes everything that you need: battery connection, fuse box, control box, and two-pole connections. If you live in the colder regions of our beautiful country, this Firstgear unit will make life easier -- and considerably more comfortable.

And you may need some actual heated gloves to go with it.

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