Gerbing Heated Gloves S2

Mens Motorcycle Waterproof Thermal Pre-Curved

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Gerbing Heated Gloves S2 Gloves can really make the difference from having an enjoyable long ride, or making it a fight for very survival just trying to get from one point to the next. Good gloves keep the cold out and the warmth in, whereas lesser-quality ones keep your fingers wet and cold until they feel like blocks of unmovable ice. With the rapid growth of heated gear, however, one might think that the years of riding with painful digits are finally coming to a warm end. Luckily, growth in technology means that things that were unbelievably expensive a couple years ago are now actually affordable.

Just like the amazing feeling you get when sitting down on heated seats in your car, the Heated Core Heat S2 Gloves made by Gerbing's Heated Clothing feels like a motorcyclists dream come true. These gloves are operated by two powerful and rechargeable 7-Volt lithium batteries with built-in microprocessor controlled technology. They're pre-curved and have adjustable wrists and cuffs. They have a Hypora waterproof, breathable membrane to keep your hands dry too. If that's not enough, these gloves use the same technology that the military uses in their heated gear, the Gerbing's Microwire heating technology. If they're good enough for our troops, they're good enough for me.

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