Waterproof iPod mp3 Travel Case

Ram Mounts Aqua Box Heavy Duty

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Waterproof iPod Travel Case Having nice things is risky business. An iPod, for example, is made for portability, but taking it out into the world risks damage, especially when you're riding out into unknown lands with unknown weather conditions. Numerous cases and bags are available for just these devices, but few have the strong-box hold of Ram Mounts' Aqua Box.

The Aqua Box is so named because of its impressive handling of moisture. Just place your electronic device in the box, close it, and water damage is a thing of the past. Headphones can be attached through a patented baffle which will prevent water from making it to your device.

All materials used in the construction of the Aqua Box are marine grade and come with a lifetime warranty, except the Flex-Lens. Don't worry about that Flex-Lens, however, because it's inexpensive and easy to replace. This lens is made to allow you to see your device and operate the buttons, all the while keeping it safely stowed in the box. Mind you, touch screens do not work through the Flex-Lens.

To ensure that this box will be seated securely, you can lock the box itself with a small padlock and then attach it to any RAM Mounting system. There is, of course, a mounting system made just for motorcycles.

The internal dimensions are 2.88 inches wide, 5.75 inches high, and 1.188 inches deep. Any electronics you have that will fit within those constraints will be happy in the Aqua Box. The box runs at about $38 from the manufacturer, and the mounting system costs another $30. Those costs combined are still cheaper than replacing most electronics, and the warranty is far better.

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