Saddlemen Deluxe Roll Bag

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Saddlemen Deluxe Roll Bag The older I get, the more convenience I want. I'm not talking about the big things in life, like having a maid to clean my house... although that would be nice, but I mean more along the lines of small conveniences. Little things that save me precious moments mean more to me now. I suppose that's where I see the convenience in the Deluxe roll bag from Saddlemen.

The rigid construction and wide top opening save you hassle and hands when you're packing for a trip. If you want to find something, you also won't have to dig around quite as much. This can be a great benefit when you have to get your camera out in a hurry. You'll be able to fit a goodly amount in this bag, as it will expand up to 20 inches, by 10 inches, by 9.5 inches.

Aside from the architectural features, the Deluxe roll bag is also UV-resistant, water-resistant, and general weather-resistant. The mounting system consists of multiple D-rings, so how you attach it is up to you. This versatility also lets you combine the roll bag with other luggage.

You want easy access for yourself but not everyone else, so the zipper pulls are lockable. If that's not enough theft protection, there is a carry handle and a shoulder strap, so you won't even give the would-be criminal an option.

At around $70, the Deluxe is an economical piece of luggage. I'll admit that I've heard remarks about their customer service that make me cringe, but they had to cut costs somewhere, I suppose.

Fieldsheer's roll bag is a viable option as well.

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