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Aqua Box Garmin Weatherproof w/ Safety Lock

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Motorcycle GPS Handlebar Mount If you are like me, you have a love/hate relationship with GPS technology. I would seriously rather carry around a beat-up old folding map. But the fact is that consulting a map is rarely a fast experience, and certainly not one you can indulge in while riding. So there we are, having conversations such as this one with our GPS: "Turn left in 200 yards." "OK." "Turn left in 150 yards." "Right, got it." "Turn left in 120 yards." "Dang, all right already." "Turn left in 100 yards." "Oh my god -- no more out of you..." "Where the heck is that button?"

And then you look up and realize you missed your left turn.

So now we see the value in having GPS on your bike. Having GPS in your pocket is rarely efficient, however, so if you can mount it to your handlebars, it's a good day.

The Aqua Box is a base made from high strength composite, described by the manufacturer as a "medium-wide size" waterproof box with a clear Flex-Lens that allows you to press and operate the buttons on your GPS when secured in the box. For the added expense of a small keyed padlock, you can lock your device inside the box. The Aqua box measures 4" high, 6" wide, and 1.75" deep.

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