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Motorcycle MP3 Handlebar Mount,This is the Aqua Box handlebar mount for MP3 players. It's a great little invention that sells itself as being waterproof and making your MP3 player fully accessible while you are riding.

The mount is made of marine-grade, powder-coated aluminum. The case is made of high-strength composite. It is a waterproof box with a clear Flex-Lens that claims to allow you to press and operate the buttons of your MP3 player while it is in the Aqua Box. There is also a security feature allowing you to lock the device inside with a small keyed padlock, which you must buy separately. The Aqua Box measures 2-7/8" wide, 5-3/4" tall, and 1-3/16" thick.

Although this looks like an ingenious little device, research pulled up some flaws. It is indeed waterproof. But the Aqua Box will not allow you to operate an iPhone or iPod touch screen while it is encased in the box. In fact, the manufacturer's own website points this out. Other brands of MP3 players seem to be fully functional through the Flex Lens of the Aqua Box. One other caveat is that your MP3 player better be pretty darn loud without headphones, because there is no adaptor hole in the Aqua Box for headphones. It is possible (and easy) to drill a small adaptor hole yourself, but then you are dealing with flapping headphone cords, which could be a safety issue.

If you really love your tunes when you ride, this might be worth trying.

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