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Motorcycle Replacement Body Repair Kit

Posted by Brad

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UFO Plastics Body KitBecause I tend to fall upon rude rocks and run into fairly aggressive tree bark, sometimes my plastics get scratched up. Maybe "destroyed" is a better description. And maybe "sometimes" is incorrect as well -- more accurately, my plastics are always scratched up. Then there are the inevitable hash marks from throwing my heavily-booted leg over the back fender every time I go to mount up. When I purchase a dirt-bike, new or used, I'll usually just go ahead and order full replacement plastics ‘cause I know I'm going to trash the originals. I'm confident that way.

UFO Plastics of DeKalb, Illinois, is a good source for replacement body kits. They use high quality materials, and their color matching to OEM is very close. It's still a good idea to buy the entire replacement kit if you want a perfect match, because aftermarket color-matching -- as good as it is -- isn't always precisely like the original. I've bought replacement pieces that were a full shade off (or worse, and from another company) and had to return them. When you buy the full kit, the separate pieces are more likely to be from the same batch and will match better. Catch a matched batch for the best match, to overdo this even further…

The body kits bolt right up to your bike's stock mountings, no adjustment necessary, unless you've bent up your bike's frame or supports. The fit is first class and the price is still well under two hundred dollars.

A good companion kit is the PlastiFix tool set.

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