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Acerbis Plastic Kit Suzuki's DRZ400 is a strange beast. It is by no means a state of the art motorcycle, yet it is ridiculously popular. So popular in fact, there's a good chance you probably ride one and don't even know it. Well maybe not but you get the idea. The bike itself really hasn't changed all that much since its introduction in 2000. If you have an older model or you are just looking for a new look for your new bike, new plastics are a great way to really freshen up your ride.

Acerbis is pretty much top-dog in the world of aftermarket plastics. This kit is all black so it really gives the DRZ a sleek and more modern look. The whole setup includes front and rear fenders, side panels, and radiator shrouds. Installation is easy. Just remove a few bolts, pop off the old plastics, and replace with the new ones.

Even though this kit is listed as one specific to the Suzuki DRZ400, it'll work on many other bikes as well.

Like I said, a plastics kit can really make a tattered bike look new again. Two things to keep in mind, though -- first, black does show wear quickly. If you ride off-road often, expect to see scratches show up. Second, you can't transfer your old graphics, so you'll need to purchase a new sticker kit for the full effect. That drives up the price of giving your bike a new look. But other than those couple of issues, it's a good replacement plastic kit.

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