PlastiFix Plastics Repair Tool Kit

Urethane Black, White Powder Coat

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Plastifix Plastics Repair Tool Kit Some parts are easily replaced in their entirety, but sometimes a broken piece is ridiculously expensive. Or you break certain parts regularly, or like me you simply prefer fixing things yourself. And if perhaps you've done some damage to one of your plastic parts by performing a modification, and then said modification went awry... not to worry. Salvation is available.

Urethane Supply Company has a professional repair kit for plastics. The kit will repair most rigid plastics such as: ABS, PVA, polycarbonate, PA (nylon), PET, SMC, and also fiberglass. And it works quite well on wood and metal, too.

Fair warning, however: no plastic bonding kit will work on olefin-based plastics such as TEO, TPO, polyethylene, or polypropolene. For these you'll need a separate plastic welding setup.

The kit is packed with two powder cups, two applicator bottles, a pair of mixing cups, 230ml of PlastiFix liquid, and 150 grams each of black powder and white powder. The powder is available separately in clear, amber, or red, but the finished repair is sandable and paintable no matter the color. Included are two applicator bottles and four applicator needles, all reusable.

You also get three FlexMold molding bars that can be softened in a cup of hot water. Softened, the bars can be used to press onto broken pieces for a perfectly matching mold, and you can do your own sculpting with them as well.

Fix your broken parts and redeem yourself to yourself. Kit comes in a handy plastic carrying case.

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