Harley-Davidson Locking Gas Cap, Vented For 1996 – 2010 Models

Motorcycle Screw-in Chrome Cover by Drag Specialties

Posted by Andy

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Harley-Davidson Locking Gas Cap, VentedWhat's the worst kind of thief? The one who mugs you in the back alley with a dull Swiss army knife and demands your empty wallet? He may be a little crazy, but I think there are far worse types of thieves. But I know who the most scandalous, heartless, bottom-of-the-barrel thieves really are: the ones who suck gas out of your recently topped-off motorcycle gas tank. At first, I never thought that someone would try to steal the mere one-and-a-half gallons worth of gas out of a little KZ250 that I had, but I was wrong -- and then late for work.

It's unfortunate that people do this, but luckily there are companies that make aftermarket locking gas caps. Drag Specialties makes this one for your Harley-Davidson, and it's designed to fit models from 1996 through 2010. The Screw-In Locking Gas Cap comes with two keys and has a swing-away cover for the keyhole, which will help prevent water from seeping in and rusting out the tumblers. It has a chrome finish, which will match the rest of your chrome accessories, and is also vented to help prevent vapor lock (that phenomenon where your bike starves for gas, even with a full tank).

Until the days return that we can leave our front doors unlocked at night and our piles of money sitting in the driveway, it's a good idea to lock everything up, even the fuel in your gas tank.

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