Slipstreamer Aftermarket Windshield or Windscreen Kit

Universal Adjustable CF30

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Slipstreamer Aftermarket Windshield orIf you ride a naked motorcycle… not if you ride naked on a motorcycle; that would pose other issues. Anyway, if you ride an unfaired motorcycle, at some point you are going to desire some wind protection. This usually becomes an issue when you are taking longer trips or touring. The versatility of an add-on windshield makes a cruiser or "standard" into a respectable touring mount.

Slipstreamer has been making quality windshields and windscreens for years. Several years back, I had a Slipstreamer on a BMW R100. What I found was that I would remove the shield for general around-town riding and canyon-carving. However, for trips over about 50 miles, the shield went on. You can see the versatility.

The Slipstreamer CF30 Universal Shield is just what I am talking about here. The CF30 is one of the smaller shields in the product line at about 17 inches high. Thus, it is a little less obtrusive than a larger touring screen. Even with the smaller dimensions, it will still offer solid wind protection. This is especially true since Slipstreamer shields offer serious adjustability. A nice bonus is that the shield will add less than 4 pounds to the weight of your motorcycle.

If you want the ability to make your unfaired bike into a more distance-friendly mount, the Slipstreamer Universal Shield is worth looking at. Just because it was born naked doesn't mean it has to stay that way!

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