Slipstreamer Hellfire Windshield, Clear Acrylic

Wide Adjustable Windscreen For Yamaha Virago 250

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Slipstreamer Hellfire Windshield, ClearYears ago I had a Yamaha Virago 535. A cute little bike with the odd displacement of 535 cc's, it was amazingly fast. People were always surprised by the speed contained in that little engine. It had 5 gears and could quickly achieve a steady 85 mph and maintain that. The only drawback at the time was that 85 mph, with no windshield or full-face, made for some pretty rough wind/bug/rock battering. After a long multi-state trip, I returned home thinking that I would put a windshield on it.

Not all windshields are made equal. A small windshield that funnels the wind up and over the rider can be just as advantageous as a huge windshield and can make for better riding in terms of performance. A windshield that is too large will leave you feeling like you just attached a sail to your bike and you're taking off in directions you never imagined.

Upon arriving home from my trip, I purchased and installed a windshield very similar to the one being reviewed here. After only one trip down the Columbia Gorge, with the winds grabbing me and tossing me around like an old newspaper flying through the sky, I knew that this windshield was definitely not the one for my bike or for me.

This Slipstreamer brand windshield, inexplicably named "Hellfire", may qualify as a sail. It weighs 6 pounds, so it is not particularly heavy, but the dimensions are 22 x 21 x 8 inches. This is wider than the handlebar width of many motorcycles. It is made for the 250 Virago but can probably be made to fit other models as well. It is clear, with no shading. It is made of high-strength clear acrylic and mounts via an adjustable 4-point ball-socket system.

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