RK Motorcycle Bike Chain Kit

X Ring Gold GB525XSO

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RK Motorcycle Bike Chain Kit If you invest in a low-grade chain, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and possibly worse. When I was cutting my teeth on the dirt bikes of my youth, chain technology was fairly primitive. Even with frequent lubrication, those chains had a relatively short effective life.

In the past several years, chain technology has advanced almost exponentially. First there was the advent of the O-ring chain. The theory here was that rubber O-rings sandwiched between the plates of the chain would keep lubricant sealed on the rollers. It worked. Chain life was increased drastically. An added bonus was that chain maintenance, while not eliminated, was reduced.

One of the newest advances in chain technology is the X-ring. The X-ring works on the same basic principle as the O-ring but takes it to the next level. Basically, the "ring" has a cross-section that is X-shaped, which adds a greater level of sealing and protection. OK, this had gotten a little technical, -- but suffice to say, this technology works even better than the O-ring.

RK has been one of the most respected chain manufacturers for years. Their Gold XSO X-Ring Chains are some of the best you can buy. Yes, you will pay a premium price for this premium chain, but in return you will get extended life and great function. Not only will this chain last longer than an inferior product, but it will also extend the life of your sprockets. My advice: buy a good chain, and this is a good chain.

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