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Motion Pro Jumbo Chain Tool Talking about chain tools seems... wrong. I have a shaft drive and I love it. I really, really love it. Chains do, however, offer a lighter machine and a greater degree of personalization when it comes to function. With a chain, knowing how to care for and adjust your bike's bits puts you in control. If control is what you want, then you should know how to maintain the chain right down to the rivets.

Motion Pro's Jumbo Chain Tool is great for first time breakers as well as those who are upgrading to something more sturdy. You'll be able to break, press, and rivet. A handle allows for on-bike use, and the Jumbo is designed to be bolted down to a table for a secure work surface.

There is some discrepancy among riders regarding how easy this makes the job. From start to finish, between break and rivet, some say 10 minutes and some say 30. I suppose it depends on how well versed you are with the mechanics and what other tools are employed. If you're going in blind, Motion Pro provides decent instructions.

Designed to break roller chains up to 630 and all 520, 525, 530, and 630 standard or O-ring chains, it will rivet up to the 530 with the included adapter, but not the 630. A masterlink side plate press kit is included, but again you won't be doing anything with the 630. To prevent wear down, the extractor pin guide fitting is removable and replacement pins are available.

The biggest complaint is the $140 price tag, but this is meant to be with you for a long time and with frequent use. Personally, I like taking things apart, so it almost makes me wish I had a chain drive... almost.

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