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Cross Country HID Off Road Lights

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PIAA Cross Country HID Lamp KitOff-road riding in the middle of the dark is an enlightening experience. Or should be, that is, if you've set up your bike for lightless conditions. Motoring along over uneven terrain at night is a surreal event; shadows move and shift with each bump or change in slope, and you pick your way largely on faith that that black hole ahead isn't a yawning crevasse. It's also fun for the very reasons it's unnerving. But in either case, the more light you're packing, the more you're able to see.

The Cross Country HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamp kit purportedly lights up the world at nearly three times the brightness of halogen lights -- so bright, in fact, that the company warns against looking directly into them as this will cause eye damage. These lamps also run very hot; the anodized aluminum housing can burn your skin or melt plastic. Included (and online) instructions carry all warnings and recommendations. Did I mention these lights are bright?

They come with clear, hardened glass lenses, but you can also order amber lenses. The kit contains two lamps, a wiring harness, a pre-terminated relay, and a switch.

This is motorcycle lighting at its extreme. It's world-class, in the realm of the Baja 1000, the Paris/Dakar, international rally car racing, etc. If you need to pack your own sun, this is the one. And while not strictly for off-road, that is their best-known market.

PIAA is a Portland, Oregon-based company. Since opening for business in 1963, they've been the premiere supplier of the latest in lighting technology for all motorsports.

Here's a halogen light kit that's geared  for Harley models.

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