Motorcycle LED Turn Signals Kit, Chrome w/ Amber Lights

Mini Bullet Harrison Specialties

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Amber LED Turn Signals Harrison Specialties has a few of these kinds of lights. They are small, inexpensive, and really, really bright. LEDs are not the way to light your path, but they are perfect for flashers designed to be seen by motorists.

The Chrome Bullet style turn signals are fitted with a cluster of Amber LEDs and can be mounted on the front or the back. The power draw is low enough that you can add these to your existent signal lights as well as use them as replacements. These can also function as running lights with two internal lamps for normal intensity, which bumps up to super bright for signals.

Bright signal lights can indeed save your life. People are trained to notice flashing lights. A lot of our electronics are outfitted with things that flash to indicate. So, when that new driver is Facebooking on their cell phone, they might still actually see that you intend to turn and therefore not smash into you.

Chrome housings make these a decent fit for motorcycles, but the LED cluster itself is kind of ugly. Fortunately, they only stand out when they're lit up. Mounting hardware and instructions are included, and these should last the life of the bike. Should they fail, the LEDs are replaceable.

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