Harley Davidson Chrome Accessories Kit

LED Bullet Turn Signals 41mm w/ Smoke Lens

Posted by Ila

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Harley Davidson Chrome Accessories Kit If all roads were straight, I'd still ride, but it really would be to save gas. The curves, the turns, and the unity of leaning your body and your bike going with it are the things that make me lose a day under my wheels.

In a horrific show of irony, drivers find bikers to be inconsiderate when it comes to signaling their turns. Regardless of who's less considerate, I don't want to be found in a mangled lump of flesh and chrome, so I signal. If it's a heavy traffic day, I give both hand and light signals.

Contrast is a key factor in visibility. Not everyone is keen on a bright, colorful paint job, so some of us would like a way to to maintain a classy,
nondescript exterior and still be able to be seen when the need arises. In a
matter of fact, going from low contrast to high contrast with the flip of a
switch is the best way to be seen.

Harley-Davidson's bullet turn signals have smoke colored lenses that conceal
clusters of LEDs. The chrome turn signals won't stand out on your bike until you want to make yourself known. LEDs have a lower power draw than filament bulbs and are much brighter, so even if the motorist behind you had been oblivious before, they'll know your intentions when you flip on your blinker.

Personally I have a fondness for hand signals. Putting out your arm will remind drivers that you're a person with arms, legs, and a head that ought to stay attached in their default configuration.

Find this Harley Bullet Turn Signal Kit on eBay:

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