Harley-Davidson Halogen Headlamp

Clear Lens Reflector 68342-05

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Harley-Davidson Halogen Headlamp A friend of mind bought a farm outside of town. It had long been his dream to have a bit of land away from the city where he could walk naked to his sauna without anyone calling the cops. To each his own, but that did leave him on a dirt and gravel road, and it wasn't long before a car kicked up a rock and took out the headlamp on his bike. Half of the glass was still there so, like the woodsman he is, he protected the remainder with a piece of window screen and called it good.

I would not use this man as a role model for anything in life, so buy yourself a new headlamp should you find yourself at the end of a stone's trajectory. A stock light from Harley-Davidson is a sure way to keep things simple. There will be no issues of compatibility or special installation instructions. It is, after all, the part that was made for your bike.

Harley's halogen headlamp has a clear, smooth lens and mirrored reflector optics. This OE headlight comes with a replaceable bulb and is adorned in the center with the Bar and Shield logo. The price is not too far from what you would expect. Using OE replacement parts gives you confidence in your equipment and will keep your bike looking the way it was meant to look.

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