Motorcycle Cobra Dash Cover Plaque

Tank Panel Chrome Fluted 05-0083

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Cobra USA Motorcycle Accessories I hate buying third party computer software for the same reason I love buying third party cruiser accessories: compatibility. Software requires plug-ins and mysterious workings, but the manufacturers of quality accessories for bikes make them mated perfectly to the machine you own. Which reminds me, make sure you get Cobra's dash plaque for the right bike, or you will have compatibility issues.

The fluted dash plaque will bring the breath of life to your tank. Where once was a baron landscape of plastic that only a manufacturer could love, you will find the chrome shine that better reflects the heart of the machine. The plaque is plug-and-play and will install with hand tools. You wouldn't be remiss to make a mental note of your indicators before removing the old plate.

You may have a question knocking around in your brain box: "Do I need this?" The answer is probably in the negative. You do not need this lovely, shiny panel. Should you have the extra cash lying in the bank doing nothing for nobody, you might want to consider sending a measly $30 over to the hardworking folks at Cobra. In return, they will send you this plaque, and you will make strides in creating a unity of design for your tank and your whole machine.

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